Intel Likes Its Own Software Patents


Roy’s Summary:

Summary: The monopolistic company whose grossly-inflated prices and extortion of rivals depend on patents says that it is wrong for others to have them

Wow. Sounds bad. Some “monopolistic company” (Intel, I am guessing by the subject line) is trying to work against others having patents. Yeah, even without Roy’s name calling, it would be wrong of one company to try to prevent another from getting patents.

Then we get to the details: Continue reading

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Powerset Founder and CEO Quits Microsoft Along With Visual Studio Senior Director and AstroTurfer


Roy starts:

In the previous post we saw the departure of Microsoft Corporate Vice President Linda Zecher. While researching her exit we also found out that, according to the ‘Microsoft press’, there are some other departures that escaped as much media attention

Ok. Fair enough. But Roy cannot just stick with the facts:

They don’t want to stay at Microsoft while the companies they built from scratch get ruined by Microsoft.

Of course, Roy gives no indication that this is even a part of their reasoning. He just flat out made it up. And then, perhaps with humor too dry for me to be sure he is joking:

We ought to stress that there are many more like them who left without us noticing because we no longer look at Microsoft closely.

Roy: your life consists of obsessing over Microsoft. To say you are not looking at them closely – that is just absurd.

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The Demise of Apple-labelled Foxconn Devices


Roy starts with this quote:

“We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” — Steve Jobs

Three problems with this.

  1. This quote is from 1996 and Roy tries to tie it to recent events as though Jobs was speaking of that context. That is somewhat silly. Still, it can be fair to use a person’s past words and compare them to their current claims. So this is only a minor problem. Maybe even just a nit.
  2. Roy completely takes the quote out of context. Here is the interview where Jobs says this quote:

    We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. And I think part of what made the Macintosh was that the people working on it were musicians and poets and artists and zoologists and historians who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world.

    Jobs is not talking about stealing ideas from competitors; he is talking about taking ideas from many fields of human knowledge and using them to make the best products you can.

  3. Just a few days ago, in a public forum, Roy said:

One person’s leeching is another person’s inspiration. Why criminalise sharing of ideas?

Continue reading

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What is it with Roy and his need to call others names?

THE cult of Mono lost much of its following when it lost its sugar daddy, Novell.

“Cult of Mono”.  ”sugar daddy”.

Please, Roy, if you want to be taken seriously you will need to move past such BS.

No distribution of GNU/Linux has a compelling reason to still preinstall the bloat which is Mono.

Who is Roy to decide this? According to Wikipedia:

A range of programs have been developed that use the Mono API and C#. Some programs written for the Linux Desktop include Banshee, Beagle, Docky, F-Spot, Gbrainy, GNOME Do, MonoTorrent, Pinta, and Tomboy. A number of video games such as The Sims 3 and Second Life’s scripting language, LSL (although not an official .NET language itself), along with many games based on the Unity game engine also make use of Mono.

Seems there are pretty compelling reasons… but since Microsoft has ties to Mono, Roy has deemed Mono to be evil.

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What We Learn From Novell’s Patents


Roy goes on one of his rants against patents again. As I have noted, I largely agree with him that the current patent situation is a mess and the system is out of control. Here are some of the things Roy says:

Software patents are without exception a bad thing, including all of IBM’s, Google’s, and Red Hat’s.

Good to see Roy finally mention Google in his list here. I do not recall seeing him mention Google’s massive patent purchase as a bad thing until now. Frankly I do not blame Google – they are having to play the game just like the rest.

Roy then speaks about the system some more – but as he gets more harsh in his words he suddenly forgets to mention Google’s game playing: Continue reading

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Allegations against Apple


Once again Roy just goes off the deep end:

THE cult which is Apple “will die with steve jobs,” wrote to me someone in two hours ago, after I had posted a link about Apple losing its leadership to Linux (more on that in our daily Links). 

The latest disgrace from Apple is this allegation that Apple has again misused police powers that it does not have.

First, Roy refers to Apple as a “cult”. It is a company. Sure, many of its customers greatly like its products, but if you want to compare such “devotion” to a product to a “cult”, how about looking at this very site to see how devoted Roy is to Linux and open source. Surely this site is far more cultish than any site I have ever seen in support of Apple.

Second, Roy claims that a mere “allegation” is a disgrace to Apple. Well, I have made many allegations against Roy – and supported them well! Now we know that Roy finds such allegations (even if they are not supported) to be a disgrace to him.

If Roy were to be consistent, he would claim how disgraced he is. But Roy is not consistent. Continue reading

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Anti-Smartphones Patent Troll Equipped With 2,000 Microsoft-led Nokia Patents


Roy starts by expressing his bias:

AS POINTED out about an hour ago, Linux is winning in mobile platforms.

Winning by what criteria: Having the most users? Having the highest users satisfaction rates? Making the companies that sell the products the most money? Having the most applications? Having the least malware?Depending on how you look at things, you can declare anyone the “winner”:

Apple continues to dominate mobile browsing

In the mobile browser world, one Apple’s mobile Safari is unmatched in terms of reach. New data from Net Applications shows the iOS version of Safari as easily beating out even the closest competition by a wide margin in terms of mobile browser usage share.

Apple is staying ahead in mobile browsing for one very clear reason: the iPad. Android has yet to have a hit tablet on its hands, and even cumulative sales of Android-powered slates don’t match Apple’s shipment volume, providing a huge edge to mobile Safari. My prediction? We’ll see Android pass Opera Mini and make a strong play for second, but Apple will continue to lead the pack for another year at least, and likely even beyond. Continue reading

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Microsoft and Bill Gates Corrupt Public Systems to Consume Taxpayers’ Money


Roy starts the body of his article with this:

WHILE many people assume that Microsoft Windows in education is a matter of choice, it is actually a matter of corruption and imposition.

I teach now and have taught at many different institutions: the K-12 system (both in public and private schools), corporations (as a direct employee and as a consultant) and both brick and and online colleges and universities. I have taught many software packages; some from Microsoft and many not.

While businesses have asked me to teach software packages I might not prefer, I have never seen this “corruption”; I have never been pushed to avoid teaching non-Microsoft software, though I have had some classes on different software products not have enough students to be able to run. Continue reading

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More Sex Scandals at Microsoft


Roy is showing how much he cares about appropriate views of sex. Excellent. Microsoft has been accused (note, merely accused) of having some “Sex Scandals”. He quotes some accusations of “excessive drunkenness” and “lewd behavior”. He then concludes:

One needs to be somewhat of a sociopath to work for a convicted monopolist with a proven history of crime. It’s like seeking a job at Blackwater, it’s not “just a business”. That’s why many people do refuse to work for Microsoft. There is ethics mismatch. It’s not that Microsoft turns people into sociopaths, it just tends to attract sociopaths. It’s a cultural thing.

So now Roy is very concerned with the views of those who support software and what it says about their morality. Well, let us look at what Richard Stallman says on his own personal pages. Continue reading

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Who supports the patent system?

Referencing: and

I certainly make no effort to hide when I disagree with Roy; and I often do disagree. Today, though, I largely agree. In the first of the above linked articles, Roy says:

There is no denying that the US patent system is broken and every day last month we saw at least a couple of articles on the subject. The status quo cannot stand.

I agree. The patent system is heavily broken… right now the only way to “win” the game is to play – and playing costs companies a lot of money, in many cases millions of dollars and in some cases billions of dollars. It is simply outrageous. But Roy cannot stop there – he has to express his bias: Continue reading

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