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Welcome to Techrights Watch (TRW)… or you can think of it as Techrights (etc.) Watch – TReW.  Still, I think the initials “TRW” will do – with that being pronounced as “true”, which is quite fitting.

I have been a regular in comp.os.linux.advocacy (COLA) for some time.  While there is some good advocacy there, more often than not the COLA “advocates” do not advocate Linux, they spend their time calling people names and just lying about Linux and those who are honest about it.

Roy Schestowitz is a common poster in COLA, and has his own site where a lot of the information that is discussed in COLA (and more) is held.  This site is dedicated to responding to the incorrect information and FUD that is spread there and in COLA.

There are three primary categories which will be discussed:

  1. FUD and lies about Linux and the open source software ecosystem.
  2. Unsupported claims about people – mostly myself.
  3. I will sometimes post my views about Linux and OSS, largely to counter the claims about my views, but sometimes just to post my views.

To be clear: this is not a site to bash people, though there may be some harsh words spoken about people who are acting poorly or dishonestly.  Also: I will do what I can do be as accurate as possible, and if I am wrong in a claim and it is brought to my attention I will post a correction.

If others wish to post to this site I am open to that, as long as they agree to post based on the above criteria.  A post just about name calling and insulting others simply serves no purpose.

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  1. Brandon says:


    I’ve been a TR follower for a while. After deprogramming myself (FSF religion/cult) I started questioning Roy and his facts. I also stopped ignoring his errors and falsehoods and started asking him about them. He does report a lot of decent and factual material but sometimes it seems like he’ll repeat anything that is heavily anti-microsoft even if its not true. I don’t know if he does this on purpose or if its the effect of the FSF brainwashing (ignoring obvious errors to keep your world view unchanged).

    The people on irc often accuse you of trolling or working for the other side if you question things.

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