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Wow… only a couple days old and Roy is already responding to this site. He writes:

Summary: Misguided individuals think that writing about Techrights would cause harm to Techrights

Roy seems to think the purpose of this site is to harm him or the Techrights site. Not at all. I have been very clear with my view that if anything it is likely to help him – even give him some semblance of legitimacy (hey, he is important enough to have people refute him).  With every post where I reference him, I am adding links to his article. I think this is the right and honest thing to do – if I am going to quote the article I should provide a link so people can see it in context. I am well aware that such links also benefit Roy. I will note that in Roy’s post he does not do me the same favor – he does not post a link nor quote any material. He just makes things up.

I have no desire to bash Roy and I certainly will not lie about him. If anything, hopefully this site helps Roy to improve and to stop posting as much FUD; I want him to strive to be honest. I really would like to see this from him and his site.

The people who ran those anti-Techright Web sites, consistently Linux-hostile individuals, were very tactless because their sites only brought more attention to Techright.

Here Roy again twists the truth. There is nothing on this site which is hostile to Linux. Roy simply is making that up. Again, I would prefer if he would be honest – it is his dishonesty and FUD which is being noted, not anything that is “Linux-hostile”.  To the contrary, in encouraging him to be honest; to stop lying about Linux and OSS. I think those actions of his are harmful and can even be said to be “hostile” to Linux and the OSS ecosystem.

Sooner or later, those who run these sites lose interest because they realise (sic) that what they do serves the very opposite purpose of what they originally intended

Well, I do not intend for this site to be that long lived, at least as one that is actively added to. Largely it is just an exercise for me to get some experience blogging. I have another blog I never do anything with. This one, I think, will hold my interest a bit longer. When I grow bored with it, though, it will cease to be active or at least the number of new posts will reduce.

So be it. The idea that this site will not not likely be actively added to in a year has nothing to do with the FUD Roy is spreading there – nothing at all to do with it not serving some imagined desire to cause him or Techrights harm, because that is not the goal in the first place.  And my goal is certainly not to cause Linux or any OSS project harm – that is just his paranoia speaking.

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2 Responses to Amplifying Techrights

  1. Rich Furman says:

    Great site. Someone has to let people know that Techrights is lying to them and Roy resufes to offer any proof of his somewhat dubious claims.

    • Snit says:

      Thanks. I try to be as fair as possible to him – but if he has any problems with my comments he is welcome to offer corrections. So far he has not.

      What he has done is to call me names, claim I am a part of a cult, etc. It is really bizarre.

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