Patents Wrath Escalated to President Obama


Roy summarizes his article with this:

Summary: Patents are viewed as anti-competitive and Verizon’s Chief Counsel asks the President of the United States to address the problem

So far so good. The patent system is a mess and it would be fine if the president and congress were to address it and work to improve the very messed up situation. No doubt.

But Roy cannot keep his biases out of his article:

Novell has been mentioned quite a bit in relation to the Motorola patents (Mobility) sale because in both cases companies were valued not for real property but for monopolies they received from the government.

Monopolies? Of what? Roy never says. I think he is in reference to the fact they have a lot of patents, but he feels the need to redefine what that means. FUD. Why? Roy could make good, reasoned points if he just left his FUD behind.

And then Roy does some of his normal Apple bashing, even though it does not tie into the topic of the article:

Apple cannot compete so fairly anymore.

What FUD! Apple has largely redefined the computer market (years ago) and more recently they redefined music players, smart phones, tablets, the deals handset makers have with data carriers, etc.  They compete very well, as is shown by looking at their stocks and by seeing how they earn some of the highest user satisfaction ratings of any company in each of these catagories.

Apple is generally held up as one of the most innovative companies of the 21st century – one of the strongest competitors in each of these categories of products. To claim that they cannot compete with others is just extreme FUD.

Linux is catching up in terms of market share, having already outpaced Apple features-wise. First it happened in phones and now it happens in tablets.

Android is a fine addition to the world of phones and, it seems, tablets. But value of a product is not judged reasonably by a bullet list of features. And why is Roy focusing on market share as a sign of which is doing better? Apple has never been a company to chase the low end, and that is what is needed to gain the lions’ share of any market. The reality is iPhones and iPads continue to sell well – growing quickly. Apple cannot even meet demand for the iPad2.

Just amazing how much FUD Roy spreads.

Realising that something is clearly amiss here (too much counter-productive tension and aggression), the Chief Counsel of Verizon is calling for Obama to step in. As one site puts it: “Recently, all of the major players in the smartphone industry have been tied up in patent wars. Apple, Google, Research In Motion (Blackberry), and Microsoft. Even hardware manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola have seen their fair share of patent warfare this year. Each small judgement in court continues to highlight the ongoing ‘Google vs. Apple’ battle.

And now Roy gets back to the point. And, yes, all of the big players play the game. They pretty much have to or they lose. It is absurd and, as noted above, I completely agree with Roy that the government should step in to improve the situation.  To blame any individual player in this mess, though, is not realistic.  The system is broken – let’s focus on that and not on pointing fingers at companies we do not like.  In other words: let’s be honest and stop the FUD.  Roy?  Are you able?

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