Preloading Microsoft Linux


When Apple, Microsoft and others work against the competition, Roy sees that as a sign they are not being innovative and cannot compete. Here we see Roy doing the exact same thing as what he puts down in others.

Summary: SUSE wants to put its Microsoft-backed distro on people’s computers

Of course they want the distro they like and have helped to fund to be used. Why would they not?

It is probably worth emphasizing (sic) yet again that SUSE is funded by Microsoft and it pays Microsoft for GNU/Linux. If SUSE gets preloaded on a machine, that’s a victory for Microsoft. Here at Techrights we officially boycott SUSE following its patent deal with Microsoft. 

When people use a desktop Linux distro it is generally seen as a win for the Linux movement. Roy, though, lets his desire to see Microsoft do poorly override his desire for a win for Linux and OSS.

I am not suggesting Roy should be a cheerleader for SUSE, but if SUSE gains users, presumably Windows is losing users and people are being introduced to desktop Linux. As they come to know it, they are likely to try other distros. Roy, my suggestion for you is to help the Linux and OSS community be as good as they can be – don’t attack the competion.

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