Roy shows his bias against Apple and Microsoft


Corporate Press Turns Against Patents But Forgets/Neglects to Stress Microsoft and Apple Are an Integral Part of the Problem.

Summary: More patents-hostile coverage from respected publications, but the role of monopolists is de-emphasized, which helps corporations but not parasitic NPEs

Funny how Roy points out Microsoft and Apple, companies he loathes, but ignores the patent-holding companies he likes, such as Google with their recent massive purchase of patents. He repeatedly obsesses over Apple and Microsoft as if they were the only ones suing other companies over patent infringements. This is clearly not the case, as discussed by Thomas Reuters (which was re-imaged elsewhere) and by Forbes.

As those sources show, the reality is the software patent system is a complete mess. Roy agrees with this:

 Since the 1990s, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been flooded with software patent applications, to the point where very few of them have actually been examined in detail before a patent was issued.

The problem, in Roy’s mind, is when Apple sues another for patent infringement this is proof that Apple is evil – but when others, such as HTC or Nokia or Samsung sue Apple for patent infringement, it is proof that Apple is not innovative and is taking their ideas.

Ironically, Apple is now attacking Free software in the courtroom. It is attacking the very same thing without which Apple would probably be bankrupt.

No. Apple is not attacking “Free software”. Apple is doing what all of the big players are doing – suing and being sued for patent infringements. Sadly, if you do not play this game you lose by default. Roy is right to point to this industry wide lawsuit mess and to find it absurd. But why pick on some of the players and not blame all – or, really, point to how the whole system is a mess and then try to come up with suggestions for improvement instead of pointing fingers and pushing an anti-Apple and anti-Microsoft agenda?

Roy loves to twist the facts. In a Usenet post, he recently implied that Steve Jobs resigned from being the CEO of Apple based on some win by “Linux” in the courtroom. Roy simply made this up. Roy titled his post:

Linux Wins, Steve Jobs Flees

Others stood up to Roy and told him how tasteless this was. After all, Steve Jobs has been fighting cancer for years and is reportedly nearing the end of his life. There is no indication that Jobs’ leaving his position at Apple has anything to do with these patent lawsuits. Steve Jobs is clearly a very ill man – that is almost surely the reason for his leaving his position. His resignation letter was posted on the Apple website. In it, Steve Jobs says “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.”

Notice that Steve Jobs did not say he was not doing a good job, he was noting he no longer could, but Roy twists this into:

It was Jobs himself who said he would leave when he no longer does a good job running Apple.

And Roy even went so far as to make this repulsive comment:

If they give him an enema, they’ll be able to bury him in a matchbox. ;-)

Roy is grossly biased and filled with hatred toward those companies that do well and toward those who run those companies. In this case, with Apple, it is true even for companies that use a lot of open source software and which maintain projects which are used by many (such as WebKit and CUPS).

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