Confirmed: Ben Edelman Paid by Microsoft, Attacks Google


Roy’s Summary:

Summary: “I’ve worked with Microsoft on these kinds of matters,” writes Ben Edelman, whose poison pen has one main target: Google

One main target?  What else has Mr. Edelman written?  Roy does not say. But Mr. Edelman wrote something negative about Google and Roy really likes Google.  Thus Mr. Edelman must, in Roy’s mind, be evil. Mr. Edleman’s list of publications is easy enough to find online.

Roy continues:

So when Ben Edelman started attacking Google we wrote about it; as we know from experience/history that companies or individuals attacking Microsoft rivals is often a sign that they are in Microsoft’s pocket.

Well, based on the finding of our editorial team (from last night), Ben Edelman has just admitted being on Microsoft’s payroll.

Just admitted? That is a complete lie. When has he ever hidden the fact that Microsoft has been one of his clients?

The headline he chose says “DOJ pharmacy investigation undermines Google credibility”; well, guess who else has just lost credibility? A self-potraying “academic” who works for Microsoft and attacks Google in the press.

Further, what does Roy mean by “self-portayed”? There is simply no reason to doubt that Ben Edelman is exactly whay he claims to be in his online bio, “an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets unit”.

In that same bio, Ben Edelman lists Microsoft as one of his clients. The above claim that he “just admitted” to having such ties to Microsoft is just more unfounded FUD by Roy.

One thing that Roy never gets around to is actually trying to say what about Mr. Edelman’s claims he thinks is wrong. Roy attacks the messenger and ignores the message. Roy does go as far as linking to Ben’s comments.

Mr. Edelman is speaking about the recent controversy involving Google and their acceptance of ads they know are illegal.  He speaks of how Google has previously denied it was tied to such advertising, but with this case that has turned out to not be true.  Additionally, Google has known since 2003 and done nothing about it until now, even though it was directly against their own policies.  It was only when Google found out they were being investigated by the DOJ did they stop.

Roy does not dispute any of these claims. From other research they seem, to me, to be accurate. Roy likes Google, though, and anyone who dare speaks out against their actions, no matter how honest the comments are, makes that person evil in Roy’s mind.

Does anyone doubt that if Microsoft was found to be doing something similar with Bing that Roy would be demonizing the company he hates over it?  Anyone?


Full disclosure: on reading Roy’s biased article I contacted Mr. Edelman to let him know what FUD was being spread about him.  Mr. Edelman reacted by posting a comment on Roy’s page.

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