Microsoft Tries to Lure Linux Luminaries Away From Linux


Businesses look for people they admire who have skills and talents they would like to bring in house. There is nothing wrong with this. Some people will want to work for a company that offers them a job and some people will not. It is how a free market system works.

People who are feeble joined Microsoft and they know who they are. They sold out.

It is not selling out for someone to work for a company you, Roy, do not like. Now if these people claim to share your biases and hatred and then later work for Microsoft you might have a point. You never show they share these things with you though.

Moments ago in IRC we also found out that twice in the past Microsoft tried to recruit the community manager of a GNU/Linux distribution (it’s in our IRC logs).

So? Is the community manager someone who is skilled and capable? Do they do good work? If so, what is wrong with Microsoft offering such a person a position?



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