OpenSUSE in 2011


Roy is on a rant against OpenSUSE, a desktop Linux distro:

Summary: Why OpenSUSE is not a project worth supporting and what it has been up to over the past week

Let’s look at why does Roy say it is not worth supporting… and even worth discouraging others from using it?

As we explained over the past week (e.g. in relation to Microsoft’s deal in China), Microsoft uses its virtualisation deal with Novell to basically add Windows to environments which were GNU/Linux only. Microsoft does the same thing in HPC. So the purpose of SUSE is really to make Windows and Microsoft tax (on GNU/Linux) more widespread. That’s why Microsoft is willing to give SUSE so much money.

Stay away from SUSE to defend software freedom. It’s not about provoking or avenging, it’s about doing the sensible thing, expelling Microsoft intrusion.

Not a word about what it does or does not do for the user, other than allow them to also use Windows. Being able to run software was a good thing the last time I checked.

Roy does not like OpenSUSE and discourages its use not because he thinks it hurts users but because he thinks it helps a company he loathes.

My take on it: use or or not as you see fit. The great thing about the OSS ecosystem is it allows for freedom – and that freedom includes things which Roy might not like. Now if Microsoft were working to hurt other distros in some unreasonable way then I would completely back Roy’s inevitable distaste for such actions, but he makes no indication Microsoft is doing anything wrong.

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