Microsoft and Bill Gates Corrupt Public Systems to Consume Taxpayers’ Money


Roy starts the body of his article with this:

WHILE many people assume that Microsoft Windows in education is a matter of choice, it is actually a matter of corruption and imposition.

I teach now and have taught at many different institutions: the K-12 system (both in public and private schools), corporations (as a direct employee and as a consultant) and both brick and and online colleges and universities. I have taught many software packages; some from Microsoft and many not.

While businesses have asked me to teach software packages I might not prefer, I have never seen this “corruption”; I have never been pushed to avoid teaching non-Microsoft software, though I have had some classes on different software products not have enough students to be able to run.

Schools are in the job to teach the skills people need and want. Those things do not align to the world Roy wants to live in. Oh well, Roy, the world need not revolve around your biases. But Roy makes some specific claims:

Gates is buying them, which in turn gags some of the key ones and uses them to promote Gates’ own agenda instead; this includes Windows in schools, ensuring that all children grow up only with Microsoft software (and lock-in).

Funny how when I had two labs at a school, one an OS X lab and the other a Ubuntu lab, I never had anyone from Microsoft try to coerce me into changing. I did have a number of teachers complain they wanted to be able to use Windows, so in their own rooms they had the option of using whichever OS they wanted: there was about an even split between Windows and OS X. Not a single teacher wanted Ubuntu or any other desktop Linux distro in their class.

That is not a Microsoft conspiracy – that is just what people want.

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