Anti-Smartphones Patent Troll Equipped With 2,000 Microsoft-led Nokia Patents


Roy starts by expressing his bias:

AS POINTED out about an hour ago, Linux is winning in mobile platforms.

Winning by what criteria: Having the most users? Having the highest users satisfaction rates? Making the companies that sell the products the most money? Having the most applications? Having the least malware?Depending on how you look at things, you can declare anyone the “winner”:

Apple continues to dominate mobile browsing

In the mobile browser world, one Apple’s mobile Safari is unmatched in terms of reach. New data from Net Applications shows the iOS version of Safari as easily beating out even the closest competition by a wide margin in terms of mobile browser usage share.

Apple is staying ahead in mobile browsing for one very clear reason: the iPad. Android has yet to have a hit tablet on its hands, and even cumulative sales of Android-powered slates don’t match Apple’s shipment volume, providing a huge edge to mobile Safari. My prediction? We’ll see Android pass Opera Mini and make a strong play for second, but Apple will continue to lead the pack for another year at least, and likely even beyond.

 Is Google Simply Mimicking Apple’s Approach?

Apple is leveraging a common user experience across its entire iOS ecosystem (iPod, iPhone & iPad) into significant product, branding and quality advantages. 

There is good reason Apple garners most of the industry’s profits. On the other hand, Android lacks a common, consistent, highly reliable experience.

Most Android Apps Aren’t Being Used — and You Can Blame Google

According to a new Nielsen report, Android users spend roughly half their time in the top 10 apps. The stats show how difficult it is for an Android app developer to find an audience — much less a profit.

• iPhone users are more likely to spend money than Android owners. Android users are more likely to stick with free apps like Facebook or Twitter. And free apps dominate the top ten.

• iPhone users are twice as likely to stick with their iOS than Android users. The report from the market research firm GfK found 59 percent of iPhone customers loyal to the brand. Android owners? 28 percent. It’s hard to imagine Android users investing in apps when they might not work with the next operating system they choose.

I post those not to make the claim that Apple / iOS is winning, but to show that by claiming that Android is winning and yet provide no metric, Roy is again showing his bias.

Apple and Microsoft are waging patent war on Linux, through Android. Now they are using trolls to prepare for legal attacks that are harder for Google to counter. Where on Earth are antitrust regulators? This is sheer corruption. It is a cartel and it is a clear distortion of the market… brought to the world by Apple to Microsoft. They cannot compete on a technical basis, so they cheat, they extort, they intimidate, and they hide behind proxies like CPTN and apparently MOSAID.

As has been noted repeatedly, Apple competes quite well. They are the ones who turned the smart phone market on its head and they reinvented the tablet market. Roy lives in a fantasy world where Apple is incapable of doing what they do. The patent wars are absurd; but to blame any one player – or any two as is the case with Roy – is simply not honest.

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