Allegations against Apple


Once again Roy just goes off the deep end:

THE cult which is Apple “will die with steve jobs,” wrote to me someone in two hours ago, after I had posted a link about Apple losing its leadership to Linux (more on that in our daily Links). 

The latest disgrace from Apple is this allegation that Apple has again misused police powers that it does not have.

First, Roy refers to Apple as a “cult”. It is a company. Sure, many of its customers greatly like its products, but if you want to compare such “devotion” to a product to a “cult”, how about looking at this very site to see how devoted Roy is to Linux and open source. Surely this site is far more cultish than any site I have ever seen in support of Apple.

Second, Roy claims that a mere “allegation” is a disgrace to Apple. Well, I have made many allegations against Roy – and supported them well! Now we know that Roy finds such allegations (even if they are not supported) to be a disgrace to him.

If Roy were to be consistent, he would claim how disgraced he is. But Roy is not consistent.

Criminal if true, but Apple is never punished for such behaviour, just like it got away with it the previous time (the police typically protects rich corporations from the people, not vice versa).

Apple is no more above the law than you are, Roy. Just the other day you were talking about how the courts sided against them in your view. Funny how you forget things so quickly.

What we cannot help but notice is that many of the pro-Microsoft people have become Apple boosters when it comes to the war on Android. They just cannot stand Linux and Free software, so Apple and Microsoft share common goals.

Roy keeps making the claim that Apple is against free software, which is easily proved to be false: Apple maintains several important open source projects, including WebKit and CUPS and they have spread such projects as Apache to more people than likely all desktop Linux distros combined. OS X and iOS are built on top of an open source kernel. These things are not signs that they “cannot stand” open source software; they prove that claim false.

As if to show how scattered his thinking is, Roy ends his article – the one about Apple, with this:

What’s very popular right now among anti-Android lobbyists is to claim copyright-related problems in Android that almost nobody cares about (not even the developers). They try to cause friction and infighting. Some of these people have employment history in Microsoft. We know those tactics.

Such allegations, Roy! They must be disgraced!

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