What is it with Roy and his need to call others names?

THE cult of Mono lost much of its following when it lost its sugar daddy, Novell.

“Cult of Mono”.  ”sugar daddy”.

Please, Roy, if you want to be taken seriously you will need to move past such BS.

No distribution of GNU/Linux has a compelling reason to still preinstall the bloat which is Mono.

Who is Roy to decide this? According to Wikipedia:

A range of programs have been developed that use the Mono API and C#. Some programs written for the Linux Desktop include Banshee, Beagle, Docky, F-Spot, Gbrainy, GNOME Do, MonoTorrent, Pinta, and Tomboy. A number of video games such as The Sims 3 and Second Life’s scripting language, LSL (although not an official .NET language itself), along with many games based on the Unity game engine also make use of Mono.

Seems there are pretty compelling reasons… but since Microsoft has ties to Mono, Roy has deemed Mono to be evil.

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