Powerset Founder and CEO Quits Microsoft Along With Visual Studio Senior Director and AstroTurfer

Referencing: http://techrights.org/2011/09/08/exodus-of-microsoft-managers

Roy starts:

In the previous post we saw the departure of Microsoft Corporate Vice President Linda Zecher. While researching her exit we also found out that, according to the ‘Microsoft press’, there are some other departures that escaped as much media attention

Ok. Fair enough. But Roy cannot just stick with the facts:

They don’t want to stay at Microsoft while the companies they built from scratch get ruined by Microsoft.

Of course, Roy gives no indication that this is even a part of their reasoning. He just flat out made it up. And then, perhaps with humor too dry for me to be sure he is joking:

We ought to stress that there are many more like them who left without us noticing because we no longer look at Microsoft closely.

Roy: your life consists of obsessing over Microsoft. To say you are not looking at them closely – that is just absurd.

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