Intel Likes Its Own Software Patents


Roy’s Summary:

Summary: The monopolistic company whose grossly-inflated prices and extortion of rivals depend on patents says that it is wrong for others to have them

Wow. Sounds bad. Some “monopolistic company” (Intel, I am guessing by the subject line) is trying to work against others having patents. Yeah, even without Roy’s name calling, it would be wrong of one company to try to prevent another from getting patents.

Then we get to the details:

“But wait,” says the article, “there’s A Catch: the company has made it a condition that in order to receive the millions, your university must open source any resulting software and inventions that come out of this research funding. Yes, open source. Your university cannot stake claim to any patents. There will be no intellectual property clauses, no negotiations, no… nonsense.”

In order to receive the millions! This is stuff Intel is funding! And Intel is demanding that the fruit of the research they fund be open sourced.

This is great news for the open source community – Intel, a very big name, is infusing the open source community with millions of dollars in research.

And Roy is against it. As I have noted, Roy is a a false “advocate”; his FUD works against the open source community. In this case very directly so.

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