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The Demise of Apple-labelled Foxconn Devices

Referencing: Roy starts with this quote: “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” — Steve Jobs Three problems with this. This quote is from 1996 and Roy tries to tie it to recent events as though Jobs was speaking … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Ben Edelman Paid by Microsoft, Attacks Google

Referencing: Roy’s Summary: Summary: “I’ve worked with Microsoft on these kinds of matters,” writes Ben Edelman, whose poison pen has one main target: Google One main target?  What else has Mr. Edelman written?  Roy does not say. But Mr. … Continue reading

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Amplifying Techrights

Referencing: Wow… only a couple days old and Roy is already responding to this site. He writes: Summary: Misguided individuals think that writing about Techrights would cause harm to Techrights Roy seems to think the purpose of this site … Continue reading

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